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DIY Cardboard Cinema

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

DIY Cardboard Cinema

Almost every single one of us is using our phones for capturing great photos or videos, exploring the internet, watching various video content and other fun stuff. And most of us know the feeling when we find something very funny or interesting and want to show it to our friends. Sometimes it is easy, but sometimes you have five friends around you and it is quite hard to gather around a tiny smartphone and make sure that everyone can see and hear what you are showing. Another situation that many of us faced at least once or twice is coming back from a trip or a nice relaxing vacation and having our family asking for photos and video footage that you captured. Trying to connect your phone to a TV or waiting for the footage to upload to a computer just to be wired to the same TV later is always devastating and never what you really want.

A portable compact projector that makes it easy

There is an amazing solution to the problem – our DIY Cardboard Cinema projector which will make it easy for you. A light, portable and compact screening device will let you display your footage on any surface you can find. It was designed for your own convenience and we are 100% sure it will not disappoint you! The device is also very easy to use, which is an advantage, no matter how technologically advanced you are.

How it works

  • Open a video or any other desired media on your smartphone;
  • Place your smartphone into the cardboard projector;
  • Enjoy your screen view magnified by 10 times and projected on a wall or any other surface that you choose to project on!

Features of DIY Cardboard Cinema

Features of DIY Cardboard Cinema

  • Our portable projector is made of cardboard and high-quality glass lens. Cardboard makes it very light and easy to transport or carry and the high-quality lens will make you wonder if this device is really that simple.
  • It was designed in a way that you do not need to have any wires or other electronic components to use it.
  • A grip pad to make sure your smartphone is securely held inside the projector.
  • It fits smartphones with sizes up to 8cm x 14.5cm/3.1 x 5.7 inches, which makes almost every regular smartphone compatible with the device.
  • The high-quality glass lens can magnify the screen by 10 times, so no matter if you have one or seven friends around you, every one of you will be able to enjoy the view without a problem.
  • The simple design also claims to amplify the sound, so you won’t have to worry about someone not hearing the audio and you won’t need any additional speakers or a sound system.


The amazing Cardboard Cinema will screen anything you choose on your phone: from funny or interesting videos you find on social media, texts you write in your notes, to your amazing captures from your trips or festivals that you were attending! Grab your own and never struggle with showing your desired content to your friends!


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