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How to Protect Your Table from Scratches

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 02, 2019 0 comments

Soft Glass Table Protector

Scratches, stains, and spills can make a table look worn out and defaced in little time. This can be worrying when you have just gotten that new office table or centerpiece for the home. Protecting the table surface from all the use it will endure is almost impossible, but there are ways to keep it looking fresh and scratch-free. Read on to know them.


Soft Glass Table Protector

Tables are dust magnets regardless of the material they are made from. Dust can create microscopic scratches that gradually dull your table over time. Hence, dusting regularly is an important way to keep the table surface as good as new.


When clothes get dull or dirty, you wash them to restore their fresh look. The same technique works on all tables. Wash your table occasionally with warm water and mild soap. You can include half a cup of vinegar to make the washing solution more potent. Use a soft cloth dunked in the soapy water and wrung slightly. Rinse in the same manner using clean water and buff dry with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

Take Precautions

No matter how you clean and dust a table, the way it is used is important to make your maintenance methods successful. Avoid placing cups or bottles containing liquids on the table. This helps to eliminate water rings. If you must do so use a tray or coaster. Have strict rules against how kids play on the table. They shouldn’t write or draw on the table surface. Keep the table away from heat and direct sunlight. Don’t slide things across your precious table as they will certainly leave marks. Wipe up spills immediately they happen. The same quick response should be given to stains if you hope to get them out of the table.  

Skip Everything Else and Use a Soft Glass Table Protector

Soft Glass Table Protector

Keeping up with the dusting, washing, and kids using the table can be overwhelming. After a while, you might give up or lose track and that precious table will become old and defaced as you feared. Thankfully, creative inventions across industries make it possible to skip all the hard steps and use a simpler solution. A Soft Glass Table Protector is a wide, thick plastic sheet designed to protect your tables from scratches, dents, spill, and intense use.

It is transparent and easy to slip right on top of the table. It enhances the table’s beauty while protecting it. This table protector is heat resistant, waterproof, and oil proof. Cleaning it is as simple as a wipe down with a damp cloth. Your kids won’t be able to cut through this material and water rings can finally no longer be an issue.

Tables are meant to be used. They are a versatile and essential item, in every home or office. A Soft Glass Table Protector helps you enjoy the full purposes of any table without fear. The product is made of high-quality materials and is available in any size. It can also be cut and customized upon preference. 


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