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Is a Foldable Coffee Cup Better than Regular cups?

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 02, 2019 0 comments

Foldable Cup

The answer is yes, but before you debate this, let’s explore why a foldable coffee cup is the best. A foldable cup is simply a cup that is collapsible, foldable, and easy to tuck away. You cannot do this with a regular plastic cup or ceramic. It is a multi-purpose cup with several benefits. Everyone should have a few foldable cups in their lives. Our foldable cup is made with high-quality material and features that are unique. It offers you a complete experience.  

It is made with the right materials

A foldable coffee cup is not made out of plastic or harmful materials that can leach into your drink and disrupt your health. These cups are made from food-grade silicone which is safe, BPA free, FDA tested and presents no harm to your body. It has no unfriendly odors and is easy to maintain by washing.


Foldable Cup

The primary idea behind a foldable coffee cup is to carry it with you anywhere. No more limitations on when or how you can take your coffee because you have your coffee cup with you every day. The collapsible function leaves the cup in a compact disc shape.


A foldable cup is not just for coffee alone. It is a multi-purpose cup that can be used for tea, hot or cold drinks, and more. You can use the cup at home, in the office, or hiking out in the woods. The little space it takes up makes this cup perfect for saving space on a backpack. It is user-friendly for people of all ages. This means your kids can benefit from a foldable cup too.

Sturdy and leak proof

Foldable Cup

Almost everyone has had an unforgettable experience with spilling or leaking paper cups in the car or at the office. This foldable cups are sturdy and not easily knocked off. They are leak proof to prevent spillage in the car or at your desk. The leak-proof lid helps to keep your coffee or drink inside the cup.

The right size and temperature

When most people hear about a foldable coffee cup for the first time, they tend to imagine it must be quite small. This is untrue because the foldable silicone coffee cup is a good size. It is like a regular-sized cup that can hold enough liquid to satisfy your thirst. The foldable cup also keeps your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a longer time than plain paper cups. It can withstand high temperatures and is shatterproof. Hence, there’s no need to fear how hot your coffee might be.

Protects you

The amazing thing about inventions is that they work almost entirely in your favor. With regular cups, you may experience a burn or a sting from the heat of your drink. However, this foldable cup is outfitted with a slip-on polypropylene ring that protects your hand from the heat. So, you can drink your coffee confidently while holding on to your cup.



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