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Kids GPS tracker smart watch

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 05, 2019 0 comments

Kids GPS tracker smart watch

Parenting surely comes with a wide range of challenges. In the past children were allowed to freely roam around in the neighborhood without being supervised, and a dinner curfew would usually be set up by the parents and children would be expected to return at the appropriate time. But in this age, packed with potential threats (stories heard of children being kidnapped for ransom, being involved in some accident) and many reasons to worry about your youngsters, the right GPS tracking smartwatch can allow you to monitor your child's location in real time, and even let them call for help in an emergency whether your child is on a family outing, at an amusement park, having a sleepover at friend’s house, or on a school trip. The kids gps tracker smart watch will thus help parents keep a track on their child’s movement. How does that work is simple; it links to the parent’s smart phone, helping them keep tabs on their children’s locations, send quick notifications, and communicate quickly. It also enables kids to send SOS notifications with the help of a single button. The aim is not to stalk your child, rather beware of the level of safety they are in and ensure that they have that tool for absolute safety always. Its better to look for a waterproof and dust resistant watch, considering the environment your children play and spend time in. most watches are budget friendly and come in a variety of colors, suitable for any age group and gender.


Kids GPS tracker smart watch

  • SOS; this feature is very helpful, in dangerous situations, enabling the child to send notifications with a single button
  • Remote monitoring; as mentioned above, parents can know the child’s situation and location anytime they want
  • Intelligent power saving mode
  • Passwater; children’s health expert remote alarm clock
  • Intercom; helps one make voice conversations between the watch and app
  • Map; the essential feature to view the real-time location of the watch, locating time for school days. The GPS function will be enabled to feedback the location information during the locating time of Monday to Friday
  • Contacts; you can set up to 10 phone numbers that are allowed to call the watch
  • Option to set reminders for locations throughout the day, and set "safe" boundaries around home and school, for example, for the watch to alert you if your child strays; notifications will be sent if the child crosses those boundaries
  • Some watches have the feature of Wi-fi and 4g connectivity, also a camera of mostly 2mp resolution
  • It can also be helpful in monitoring the past locations they have visited
  • Dual position mode; enabling double safety for your child

Things to consider before choosing the right watch

Kids GPS tracker smart watch

  • Identify the features you want most, as in which are most important to you and your family
  • Pay attention to the GPS limitations
  • Should support common software like iOS and android
  • Choose the watch with water resistant feature if the child goes for a swim.

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