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Mini HD camera

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Want to check and keep an eye on your house or car while you are away? Purchasing a mini HD camera can be of great value. This is also considered an affordable solution for the safety of things that matter to you. In wi-fi versions, it can be placed anywhere and you can start recording directly from your smartphone. It is suitable for many occasions like home/office security monitoring, getting evidence of cheating spouse, nanny/babysitter abusing issue, robbery in houses and shopping malls, burglary, workplace employee problems, kids misbehaving, pets’ issue, travel and sports. Its main feature is the small size, enabling it to fit in tiniest places. Names such as hidden cam, spy cam, nanny cam are also allotted to these cameras.



  • High-end video (1920x1080p or 1280x720p) and audio quality packed in a tiny, wireless device
  • Photos Resolution: 4032x3024p (12MP)
  • If plugged in an outlet or power bank, it has the ability to record all day long
  • Motion detection feature; video starts recording only when some kind of motion is detected and sends a notification to the phone when in an uninvited guest visits your place
  • Integrated night vision; improves visibility at night time with the help of infrared lights attached to the camera
  • One button push for screenshot is also built in some models
  • Can be mounted on the helmet when you are riding and want to record the view from your field of vision
  • Auto overwrite recording
  • Wide viewing angle of up to 140 degrees
  • Battery can be charged by either connecting the camera to a computer or phone charger using the included USB cable


Mini HD cameras are usually purchased for the following purposes:

  • As a security cam; in your house while you are away and want to keep an eye on any unwanted activity in and around the house, in banks, parking lots, shopping malls (where chances of theft are many-fold)
  • Sport video cam; it can be mounted on tour helmet or cap to record the game from your field of vision
  • Drone cam; these days it’s a common concept to mount mini hd cameras on a drone to record the aerial view of a place, be it a wedding ceremony or an outdoor field.
  • To monitor the activities of house maids or nannies, while you are away from home

Maintaining it

Maintaining the cam is as important as using it. You should regularly check its battery level; whether it needs to changed or just simply recharged. The memory also sometimes needs to be cleaned; if it uses a micro SD card for storage. Chances of breakage are also quite common for any electronic device. Hence you should be prepared if that happens and should know where to get it fixed from.


Setup process is simple which requires you to

  • Switch on the camera with the side button
  • In wi-fi versions, download the app and connect to wi-fi
  • Start recording and view the video in real-time from the app

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