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Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Mini GPS

Are you ever in a need to know the location of someone who is important to you, or if an object, like a vehicle, is still where you have parked it? Or maybe your dog runs away every time it gets off the leash? Many of us worry about the safety of our family or belongings all the time and at least knowing where they are, helps us keeping our heads up.

Mini GPS Tracker that won’t leave you worried

Our Mini GPS Tracker is a very small, portable and discrete device that sends out the information about whereabouts of the things you attach it to, or people that are carrying it. GPS translates to the Global Positioning System, which is a tool that can tell the exact location of something in any place of the world, so no matter where it is you will always know the location.

Features of Mini GPS

Mini GPS

  • The shell of Mini GPS is painted in Jet Black, which means that it’s hard to detect it and it makes it perfect for protecting your belongings from thieves.
  • Our GPS tracker is very compact, its size is only 42*25*20mm. It gives you the ability to hide it easily as it is so small and hard to notice.
  • It has two powerful magnets inside which let you attach the tracker to any surface or place that has some metal on it – from school bags, senior’s pockets to your valuable bags or vehicles.
  • Has an in-built microphone which can stream audio of the surroundings of your GPS device.
  • It is made of high-quality ABS plastic, that’s able to withstand high temperatures and is stronger than cheap plastic products.
  • Battery life: 12 hours. It is usually more than enough for anything that you are tracking! It is easily chargeable after that.

How to use

  • All you need is a SIM Card (it is not included). Put it inside your Mini GPS and you are ready to track it real-time using Google Maps (internet needed).
  • Dial the SIM card number to receive audio of activities around your tracker.

Situations where Mini GPS can make a difference

Mini GPS

Even though we don’t think about various situations too often, there are some, where it’s vital to know where someone else is. A great example is people with memory disorders, or kids, or our elder people - they can get lost in no time and without proper help, they can get into dangerous situations. Putting a GPS tracker into their pocket can be a lifesaving thing.

GPS trackers are popular among hunters. They place trackers on the collars of their dogs to track where they are going. The usual trackers are heavy and big, so this device could save some energy for the dog, as well as some time for the hunter, as it is so easy to use.

Cars and other vehicles are a great case as well. As the tracker is working independently and has nothing to do with vehicles’ electronics it’s hard to detect it and it means that even if your vehicle is stolen, you have 12 hours of battery life to notify the police and get it back.


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