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Personal Alarm

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Have you ever been in dangerous situations that could have been avoided with help? Truth to be told, you never know in which situation you will find yourself, or the outcome of it – assaults, abductions, robberies etc. Does the thought about being in such situations make you tremble in fear? It should, because you never know what to expect. A simple travel trip, or even a walk can turn into a dangerous game. If only you had something, just in case, to pull other people attention in time of need… Worry no more! Your patented, reliable safeguard is here! Let me introduce you to Personal alarm – a lightweight, portable alarm for your protection.

How it works

Personal Alarm

                Personal alarm is made from lightweight, impact resistance and tough material (the same as Lego bricks are made of), and discreetly masked to look like an USB flash drive, with an attached keychain. In size it’s only 80x25x15mm big, so you take it with you whenever you go. You can keep it in any pocket or just leave it in your bag. It can also be attached to keys, backpacks or any purse. Overall, it’s made to look completely harmless, but that’s not even close to the truth. In the moment, when keychain fob is pulled, it emits a loud 120dB shriek that can render all of the attackers fearful. Believe, the attackers will think twice before targeting someone with this kind of attention - the signal for help can be heard up to 300 feet away. To clarify, let’s take an example of possible real life situation.

It’s midnight. You are walking home from your late-night shift super tired, managing your way through the quiet, post light illuminated street. With your peripheral vision you catch a glimpse of two shadows approaching you. You turn around as they are getting closer, and you can see it in their eyes - they are here for something. As they approach you, the feel of hand snatching your bag is imminent. Your heart is pounding, your body is feeling numb. With quick reactions you take out your Personal Alarm and pull out the keychain fob. Immediately all of the surroundings are filled with shrieking, shivering sound that could even wake up the dead. The porch lights turns on, the people have awoken. Both shadows run in fear without looking back, as you are standing there – safe.

Keep yourself safe

Personal Alarm

To be perfectly candid, safety is one of the top priorities that shouldn’t be meddled with. If you are used of traveling or spending time alone, the way of protect yourself is a must. Personal alarm is a simple, effective and reliable solution for avoiding dangerous situations, that could be harmful. As it is easy to carry and conceal, it makes it extremely great for having around. It can also be used as stylish attachment for your bag or keys. The days of worrying about your safety is over  - Personal Alarm got your back !

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