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Retractable Power Socket

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Retractable Power Socket

Nowadays, as most of the companies are transitioning into open office environment, it’s extremely vital to provide modern workplace interior to encourage creativity and innovation. As you are working in a company, you expect them to treat you and your coworkers as best as possible, making your workplace as comfortable and discreet it can possibly be. So nothing can be more convenient, stylish and effective as Retractable Power Socket.

How it works

                Power strip outlet’s body is made from ABS+PC flame resistant material and aluminum alloy, which is completely safe and durable for every workplace. You can easily install it in any direction as long as there is enough space for it to slide in/out and power socket in 1,9m radius nearby.

Retractable Power Socket

The installation of Retractable Power Socket is extremely easy – first you have to decide which place for you is the most convenient one and fits the requirements (enough space and available power socket in 1,9m radius). For example, let’s say it’s your worktable. As the closest power socket is in your wall, 1m away from the table, you decide, that it will be more comfortable with power sockets available on your table. After that you have to drill a hole approximately in diameter of 3.15'-3.23' in table surface. Put the Retractable Power Socket into the hole, screw the ring up from the bottom, and make sure it’s screwed tight enough. That’s all – not a big deal, right? Whenever you need to access power sockets, just push the center button and pull up the hidden parts. Same goes for hiding it, when you are done using it, push the button and slide in the sockets – boom, done!  

Some key specifications:

- Socket types: 3x US main sockets and 2x USB charge sockets (1000mA 5V)
- Length of the Cable: 1.9M
- Operating voltage: 125v
- Power rating: 15 Amps

Retractable Power Socket

There are also important notes you should keep in mind and be aware of. Retractable Power Socket is not waterproof, so setting it up close to possibly damp places, like sink (or even outside) is not a good idea. Safety always comes first! To continue on this subject, Retractable Power Socket also have a built-in overload protection for avoiding dangerous situations. The reset switch will automatically turn to “off” position in case of voltage or current overload – to protect all of the devices connected to the sockets and avoid situations that could occur, like fire hazards. So, in case of natural and unnatural occurrences, that can cause overloads (lightning strikes, power grid problems), you will be completely safe.

The story continues…

                To conclude, Retractable Power Socket is a product you should definitely consider. Not only it’s stylish and discreet, it also provides a convenient and comfortable access to power sockets whenever you are required to. All you have to do is install with few simple steps, press the button and ta-da! Ready to use in no time. Be prepared to make your office or your home environment more futuristic and creative with wonderful Retractable Power Socket – available now!

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