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Smart Nail - Unexpected combination of design and technology

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Smart Nail

Nowadays it is modern to have different smart stuff: from smart TV to smartwatch. We also all heard about some microchips with ID information injected into the skin and we understand that technology will integrate into our daily life more and more intensively. Now it is possible to make contactless payments and keep all ID information on a card or chip. However, have you ever thought of a multifunctional key that can be placed on the top polish of your nail? You might be surprised, but it is real! The innovation of 2018, the small, almost invisible gadget has a little chip built-in into smart nail art design.

Multi functional gadget

Smart nail serves as:

    - parking card
    - elevator card
    - shopping card
    - access control card
    - time card
    - membership card
    - hospital card

    All you need is to put your fingertip with a smart nail on the reader and it will process your information. When the smart nail is close to high-frequency signal it will have a flashlight. So using smart nail you will have an unusual dynamic design with twinkling. According to the smart nail reviews, it always attracts attention. So if you have a reputation of the person, who follows new technology trends and is not afraid to be the first person to implement them into your everyday life, this product is definitely for you. It is a very wearable technology.

    How to use this device?

    Smart Nail

    First, you will get the instruction with QR code that will bring you to the site with special application. This application provides 2 types of functions: to edit task and to edit information. There a lot of features that users are able to achieve: share business cards, websites and other information with other mobile phones. The smart nail has 3 models and each of them performs different functions. For example, Jackom N2M nail is a simulation of any IC card. N2F smart nail enables users to get a quick start with any application on the phone. And at last N2L is a nail, that will twinkle when the high-frequency signal is near.

    The smart nail can be connected to your smartphone due to its new microchip NFC (near field communication) and a unique application that makes this gadget able to perform different technical tasks.

    Is it safe to use?

    Smart Nail

    If you are worried about its safety, there are no objective reasons. This device is made of medical non-toxic material that cannot cause any harm to your health. Also, it has waterproof property, which is very important for a device, placed on the fingertip. Everything you need to apply this device on the surface of your nail is glue. Then you can have usual smart nail polish according to your taste. You can decorate your nail with crystals or other decorative things to camouflage this twinkling microchip.

     Smart nail is a stylish and useful device. It is like a fresh air in nail design art and a new approach in combining technology and fashion. The smart nail can become a universal key that will give you quick access to your private information and can unlock doors if they support IC e-card.




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