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Smartphone Video Rig

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Smartphone Video Rig

Have you always wondered how all those vloggers and YouTubers make such great videos? The answer is simple: they have the right equipment. Now you can have it as well. Nowadays, the majority of us consider having a smartphone a necessity or a commonplace and most of them are of very high quality. It's easy to do beautiful photos, which look very professional but to make a cool video is much more complicated. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to start a career as a YouTuber or just want to make your holiday videos looks great, with the Smartphone Video Rig it will be much easier.

Why use Smartphone video rig

Smartphone Video Rig

Recording high-quality videos has never been easier. This Smartphone video rig will help you make all different kinds of videos, which can be shared with your family or friends. You can make videos from your last holiday, filming your friend during doing some sport activity or just make a funny video. This rig will make your videos look much better and offer you many new possibilities on how to make great films or videos. You can use it to take time-lapse and slow-motion videos by using just your smartphone.

It can happen very often that while using your smartphone to take a photo or video it can fall down and get damaged. With this Smartphone video rig, you don't need to worry about that. This video bracket has two big handles on both sides, which allow you to get a good grip so your phone is safe. There is also a small bracket for your phone, which holds it at one place and its size is adjustable to fit every smartphone. You can also get led video light or microphone attached to this rig and make your videos even better. You can attach it with two standard shoe mount and you can also mount this rig with tripod, slider or dolly with 3 Universal 1/4-20 mount thread. So you don't need to worry about those shaky footages anymore. With this rig, they are all in the past.

Features of this Smartphone video rig are:

- You can choose between black or red color
- The rig is made of plastic and rubber
- Its weight is 253 grams
- Dimensions are 25.2x5.75x13 centimeters
- Compatible with phones from 4 to 7-inch screen

Make your videos look fantastic

Smartphone Video Rig

Forget of all those blurry and shaky videos you have made. This smartphone video rig will help you make your videos look fantastic and professional. You don't need to buy expensive and big gear to take great videos or pay for an expensive course to learn how to become a great filmmaker. All you need is this rig and you can look like a pro. It allows you to attach a microphone or light and mount a tripod so your video will never suffer from blurry screen ever again. Get your new rig today and become the greatest casual filmmaker.

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