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The Benefits of Playing With Magnetic Slime Playdough

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Magnetic Slime Playdough

How do you define slime? How did slime become so relevant in the first place? These are questions that might run through your mind as you start to read this article.

Some people say that slime is just useless stretchy stuff. To an extent they are right. Slime is a substance you can poke, stretch, squeeze, and so on as long as it gives you satisfaction. It bounces back no matter what you do to it. The amazing thing is, playing with slime is highly beneficial especially for children. We will discuss these benefits in a bit, first what is Magnetic Slime Playdough?

Magnetic Slime Playdough is a product of high-quality slime with magnetic properties. It comes with a magnet that can pull the slime in any direction. It exhibits a strong magnetic force and increases the satisfaction of playing with slime. Magnetic Slime Playdough is suitable for use by children above 4 years old and adults.


Magnetic Slime Playdough

Sensory Play

Sensory play is important for children to exercise all five senses. Playing with slime helps to do just that. It stimulates all five senses while providing satisfaction. Squishy and slimy things like this Magnetic Slime Playdough are just begging to be poked and touched. The attraction is irresistible. 

Relaxing, calming, and regulating.

Slime can aid therapy, reduce stress levels, and help a person to relax. Playing with this unique Magnetic Slime Playdough as an adult or child can help to calm the mind. It is handy so can be close by when needed.


This particular product is a great way to educate children about magnets and how they work. The slime is infused with tiny magnets which are responsive to a magnetic force. If you don’t want to explore the unique magnetic property of this slime, simply educate your child on what makes slime so stretchy and squishy.


Slime helps to build your creativity through exploration. You can force it into any shape or form you desire. For children and adults, this helps to stretch the mind and develop creativity.

Fun activity

Magnetic Slime Playdough

The most important benefit of slime is to serve as a fun and recreational activity. When you are idle or getting some rest, squeezing or poking at a soft gooey substance can be super satisfying. Children love the way slime moves and can get together playing with it. You can keep a few around the house and even take them with you on trips, in the car, and so much more.

If you have never poked slime before, now is your chance to do so and experience the joy it brings. Use a high-quality slime like the Magnetic Slime Playdough and get your squishing game on. It is available in various bright colors to attract even more. There’s a big magnet that comes with the product. It is fascinating to watch how you can drag the slime with the magnetic pull. Also, remember to wash your kids' hands after they play with slime. 


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