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The Best Alternative to a Fire Torch

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Solar Flame Torch

Fire torches have been in existence for the longest time. They have been used for a variety of purposes such as décor, symbols, illumination, and more. Over the years torches haven’t lost their appeal and are still used for several reasons. Most fire torches are an open flame on a wooden or metal handle. This is dangerous, and the gases emitted from these flames are unhealthy. So, if you are a lover of bright fire torches what could be a better alternative?

How about a Solar Flame Torch?

Solar Flame Torch

A Solar Flame Torch is a solar-powered torch that produces natural-looking flames. These flames are not a real fire but 96 LEDs designed to flicker and mimic natural dancing flames. This makes the Solar Flame Torch a unique and creative invention.

Unlike a real fire torch, the Solar Flame Torch is safer and does not emit any harmful gases. It does not use batteries or require fuel to burn. It can charge anywhere as long as there is sunlight. This makes the Solar Flame Torch easy to use and a convenient alternative to fire torches.

The torch can be placed anywhere you desire. There’s no need to turn it on yourself because the torch comes with an automatic switch on function. It absorbs solar energy by day and burns brightly by night for long hours. The flame is natural, soft, warm, and enhancing any mood you are trying to create.

Solar Flame Torch

Other unique features of this alternative torch include the durability. The Solar Flame Torch is made from heatproof and waterproof solid hard plastic. It is almost impervious to wear and tear and can last an amazingly long time. The torch can withstand the elements such as rain, sunshine, and snow.

The use of the Solar Flame Torch varies and are broader than that of a real fire torch. This is not surprising because the solar-powered torch is handy, flexible, and convenient to use. They can be used on camping sites, outdoor décor, pool décor, party décor, romantic décor, parties, barbeques, weddings, and even holidays like Christmas. The torch is eco-friendly and harmless. It cannot start a fire. Its weight is almost unnoticeable, and this helps you to hold or carry this solar-powered torch along to any location.

The outward design of the plastic makes this torch elegant. As an alternative to a regular fire torch, the manufacturers ensure that this Solar Flame Torch comes very close in design and function. It is available in black color so it fits rights into any environment. The unique design of the torch is modern but also reminds you of a fire torch from a long time ago.



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