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The Best Way to Clean Your Windows

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 03, 2019 0 comments

Super Window Cleaner

A dirty window is very distracting. It is impossible to ignore because the dirt makes rooms look darker and dull. Some people put off cleaning the windows in a home or building because it seems like such a hard task. There is always the issue of cleaning both sides of the window and the dexterity involved. We understand how frustrating this can be, which is why this article explores the best way to clean your windows.

This method helps to eliminate all the fear, stress, and worry associated with getting a sparkling clean window from both sides. Keep reading these lines to know all about it. 

Super Window Cleaner

Super Window Cleaner

A Super Window Cleaner is a creative product designed for the sole purpose of cleaning windows. It is not a squeegee or an angle brush. Rather it is something more sophisticated and aimed at making this task stress-free.

    Cleans both sides of the window

      When you live on the top floor of a building, it will be difficult to clean both sides of your window effectively. However, this is only if you are using traditional cleaning methods. The Super Window Cleaner is designed to save you the extra time and effort on a thorough clean. It is manufactured with strong magnets that help the product stick on both sides of the window to avoid breaking or falling as you clean. After fixing the product as instructed on your window, you can proceed to move the cleaner on the inside. As you do this both sides get cleaned faster and effectively.

      Unlike other regular window cleaners, you do not have to keep adding water to the Super Window Cleaner. Its unique water storage sponge holds all the liquid you need to complete wiping down each window.

        Reaches every corner

        Super Window Cleaner

          Getting to all corners of your window can be tricky. It is more complicated if the window has patterns or divided sections. The Super Window Cleaner is equally suitable for such situations because of its triangular shape. You can guide the cleaner into all corners and angles for a thorough clean. This leaves you proud and confident to have visitors over.  

            Easy to handle

              There is no stress involved in using this product. You can hold the cleaner comfortably with the smooth oval handle.  The magnets ensure the cleaner glides over properly and requires little pressure or energy. Window cleaning might even become your favorite chore with the right equipment.

                Lasts long

                  Despite the usefulness of the Super Window Cleaner, it can last for a long time. The cleaner is made from top quality materials which are soft and safe for your windows but also wear resistant and anti-acid. It can serve you for as long as you want.

                  Super Window Cleaner works well on all types of windows including tempered glass, French windows, single layer thickened glass, glass partitions, and even glass doors. You can say goodbye to your window cleaning rag and usher in this efficient cleaner. 


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