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Why You Need a Magnetic Drawing Tablet for Your Kids

By MEKONGOOD LLC May 02, 2019 0 comments

Magnetic Drawing Tablet

Kids spend their entire childhood growing and developing themselves. They learn to use and control all motor skills, they learn to read and write; they learn to communicate, and they learn to draw. We know kids also love to play during this time and with advancements in technology; they are always drawn to gadgets like phones and TV.

As a parent, it would be a lifesaver if you could find a fun way to help your child learn skills such as drawing. Thankfully, we have the solution right here.

Digital drawing boards for kids are hardly a strange development. They are getting more popular by the day. However, like all other products in the market, each one is unique in its design and function.

A Magnetic Drawing Tablet for children keeps them occupied and helps to improve drawing, motor, and cognitive skills. It makes use of a magnetic stylus pen and the beadboard itself serves as the paper or drawing platform. This toy is a great way to keep your child busy while you enjoy peace of mind.

It is easy to use

Magnetic Drawing Tablet

Using this board is quite simple and engaging for kids. All they have to do is use the pen to draw out shapes on the board. The beads on the board are fixed to pop through each bead hole. The pen draws them out as it moves on the board. The holes where the pen didn’t touch will not be filled out with beads. Hence the drawing can easily stand out on the board. Erasing the drawing is quick and simple too. You can use your finger to slide across the part you need to erase and the beads fall away.

Improves creativity

The Magnetic Drawing Board is designed to engage and capture the attention of children. It helps to boost their creativity and sensory skills. Kids have a lot of energy and unlike you, the board never gets tired of stimulating their imagination. The board is a sophisticated and ideal toy.

It is safe

Magnetic Drawing Tablet

A child’s toy must be safe for use. The Magnetic Drawing Tablet poses no health or physical risk to your child. It is manufactured from plastic and is PVC free, BPA free, and Phthalate free. The tiny beads are guaranteed to stay in the board and never fall out. The holes on the board are equally smaller than the bead so there is no chance of pulling them out.

Handy for your child

This drawing tablet was made for children so it is designed for a child’s soft grip. It is lightweight, portable, and comes in two distinct colors- red and black. You can pack the Magnetic Drawing Board with you on a trip, place it in the car, or even your kid’s backpack.  

For children of all ages

This is one of the best features of the Magnetic Drawing Tablet. It has no age limits for children who can handle a pen. Children from age three and above can benefit greatly from this toy. 

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