Smart LED Color Bluetooth Speaker Bulb (with Remote)

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If you love pretty lights and music, this might be the best lightbulb you’ll ever use…

Whether you’re throwing a party or relaxing in your room, a nice atmosphere and a nice song can transform your experience. And with this 2-in-1 lightbulb, you can get the best of both worlds.

Once the bulb is powered up (E27 base), and your phone’s connected (Bluetooth), the party begins…

With just one remote (included) and a push of a button, you can paint your room up to 8 vibrant colors. For a relaxing, laid-back vibe, hit the “Fade” or “Smooth” button and watch the bulb slowly change colors. Or for a party/club-like feel, hit “Flash” or “Strobe” to see a rainbow of colors pulsate and take over your room.

Now, just connect your phone and play your favorite song to experience the sound system of this powerful speaker! And if you want to get real fancy, change the bulb to a color that matches the mood of the tune.


  • Includes a 24-key remote control to change color/songs, and power the bulb on or off from afar
  • Lights your room with up to 8 different colors
  • Connects to your phone via Bluetooth for wireless music playing (even when the bulb is off)
  • 4 Lighting features to add more flavor and atmosphere to your room

Never waste money on a separate lighting and speaker system again — this single lightbulb does it all! Just hit the blue “Add To Cart” button above to get yours today.

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